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    Seymour Strongin
    PSLRB Chairman
       Karl K. Pence
     SHELRB Chair
    June M. Marshall
          SLRB Chair
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Office of the Maryland State Labor Relations Boards
Martin O'Malley, Governor

Seymour Strongin, Chairman, PSLRB   *  Karl K. Pence, Chair, SHELRB  *   June M. Marshall, Chair, SLRB


An independent administrative agency housing the State Higher Education Labor
Relations Board
, the Public School Labor Relations Board, and the State Labor Relations Board.

Each of Maryland's independent labor relations boards works to support high quality employer-employee relations in Maryland's public employment arenas.


NOTICE: JUNE 25, 2014: The Frostburg University FOP Lodge 147 has filed a Decertification and/or Representation Petition with the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board. 

Full notice available here.


If you have a concern or complaint regarding your employer or your collective bargaining organization (union) please be aware that our boards' jurisdictions cover only public sector employment related to organized labor issues.

If you are an employee of the State of Maryland, a public school system in Maryland, or a college or university in Maryland AND you are a part of a unit covered by collective bargaining, please contact the appropriate board listed to the left.  If your issue or complaint is against your employer, we recommend that you first contact your organization's union for guidance in addressing the issue.

If you are a private sector employee - that is, you work for a company or organization other than the State of Maryland, public schools, or higher education - please try the following contacts:

Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing www.dllr.state.md.us     phone 410-230-6001 

National Labor Board www.nlrb.gov   Baltimore office phone 410-962-2882

US Dept of Labor www.dol.gov  phone 1-866-487-2365

Please visit these agencies' websites for information about what types of issues they cover and directions for further assistance. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the National Labor Board's home page is especially helpful.